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"Keeping your heart fit can prevent a fatty liver"

Researchers say that cardiorespiratory fitness can lower the risk of fatty liver.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Food security is vital to prevent mental illness"     

Researchers have found that your mental health can be affected by food insecurity.



"Worrying may lead to healthy behaviors"

A UC Riverside psychology professor says there is a positive side to spending a lot of time worrying.



"Why binge drinking is a catastrophic health problem"

Researchers say that there may be a link between binge drinking among young people and cardiovascular disease.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Positive results can come from bad feelings in cancer patients"

Researchers say that bad feelings can motivate cancer patients to take positive actions.



"Sunlight and warm weather may prevent alcoholic cirrhosis"

Researchers say cold weather and fewer hours in the sun are associated with increased rates of alcoholic cirrhosis.>>>EMaxHealth>>>