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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuses Terror Alerts 





"Bullies and imbeciles who have made it to the top use psychiatry to crush more sophisticated and intelligent people who question their success" Bullies and imbeciles like the psychiatrists themselves along with other doctors and nurses who work with psychiatrists and people with similar attributes in other walks of life use psychiatry to brutally crush ethical, law abiding, peaceful, creative, and emotionally and intellectually intelligent people who raise questions about them. Dangerous unscientific labels such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are carelessly thrown around to stigmatize the targets of this tyranny. The debilitating psychiatric interventions including the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs and railroading into the mental hospital concentration camps along with sexual assaults and beatings are also part of the mainstay of psychiatric interventions aimed at destroying, not helping, targets of psychiatry. US feds, cops and their personal judges generally share the same character traits as the diabolically insane psychiatrists which explains why they generally get along so well together and work together to enforce their joint tyranny to brutally crackdown on dissent. This all generally results in devastated careers, personal lives and financial stability of the victims of psychiatry. Overall this has lead to the development of a sick society in the USA and elsewhere where the "Best and Brightest" in society are often brutally pushed to the bottom of society by psychiatry as dangerous and ignorant brutes are often in control of things!


"American psychiatrists, feds, cops and their judges are terrorists who criminalize normal behavior" The American psychiatric community makes up the world's most powerful terrorist clique of the likewise terrorist psychiatrists worldwide.  Many non-psychiatric doctors and nurses across the USA and worldwide are likewise terrorists who actively support and help to implement the tyrannical quackery of the psychiatrists. A favored method of destroying the targets of innocent victims of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" is for the American psychiatrists to work alongside their personal judges, US feds and cops to criminalize the normal behavior of their victims. Instead of nurturing mature and intelligent understandings of the faulty nature of psychiatry itself and the positive attributes of men, women and children who have been unfortunate enough to have seen psychiatrists the criminally insane American psychiatrists with help from the chronically abusive US Department of Justice and other branches of the US federal government along with the state governments across the USA nurture ignorance and fear among the general public based on filthy distortions of the truth and lies about victims of psychiatry. Consider for example that while hypocritically ranting about human rights violations by other nations the US Department of State and CIA nevertheless work aggressively to destroy overseas personal, professional and business interests of innocent victims of American psychiatry. There are no rational humane explanations for the firm commitment made to ruining innocent victims of psychiatry by the power elite across the USA. Gross infectious sadism coupled with a desire to keep the deadly psychiatric industry powerful and wealthy are at the heart of the matter of making decent, well educated, intellectually and emotionally intelligent, ambitious, creative and law abiding people out to be criminals in what is therefore essentially a terrorist nation!  


"The mainstay psychiatric drugs, neuroleptics, always cause far more harm than good" The psychiatrists have claimed the neuroleptic class of so called antipsychotic drugs have been the biggest breakthrough in mental health care. However, the use of these dangerous drugs is based on subjective assumptions about the mental well being of men, women and children and they do not actually target any scientifically confirmed illness. The blockade of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter, in the brains of people given this drug causes a loss of the sensation of pleasure. This always leads to apathy, lack of initiative and limited range of emotion ultimately resulting in severe drug induced depression. Furthermore, aside from acute dystonic reactions, which are a dangerous form of seizure activity, these drugs often lead to irreversible tardive dyskinesia, which is a permanent neurological impairment similar to Parkinson's disease, when taken long term. Clearly the psychiatrists are playing with fire when they claim there is too much dopamine in the brains of people they prescribe these poisons to. There are no lab tests to measure the appropriate levels of dopamine in a person's brain and clearly the consistency of dangerous side effects from these drugs implies it is very dangerous to block dopamine receptors in anyone's brain. Even in people fortunate enough to get off these toxic drugs before irreversible tardive dyskinesia sets in their lives are generally completely ruined because they ruin relationships, mess up in school and perform poorly at and quit important jobs under the influence neuroleptics due to the lack of experiencing normal pleasure and emotional rewards. Millions upon millions of people across the USA alone have been turned into chronic zombies by neuroleptics or their careers and lives have been catastrophically ruined because they at one time took these drugs. Yet the FDA has continued to leave the neuroleptics on a list of drugs for acceptable clinical use and unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies have continued to mass produce them for decades. This has all been fueling the ever more lucrative and powerful "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" and similar abusive psychiatric systems worldwide!


"Ruining careers and keeping people from earning a good living they deserve is a favored method of manufacturing mental illness in the USA" The trash American psychiatrists along with support from the terrorist US feds and cops have a favored method of torture of their victims which is destroying their hard earned careers and keeping them out of work or at least from earning a decent living. Character assassination and associated organized bullying in school and at work along with blacklists are used to destroy careers. The financial hardships often associated with this technique of methodical torture creates horrible lifestyle situations for victims of psychiatry and their families. This is often associated with poor living conditions and even malnutrition. There is also the humiliation associated with such situations which causes emotional distress. This all of course makes targets of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" very sick as the American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques work aggressively daily to manufacture and enforce mental illness instead of mental health!


"Kangaroo civil court cases are used as evidence of mental illness in the USA!" Swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings with no juries and no sworn in testimony are pushed through the courts in all 50 states across the USA against innocent men, women and children daily to force unwanted and damaging psychiatric intervention. The targets of these sham cases are literally kidnapped to mental hospital concentration camps in preparation for their swift day in court by feds, state agents and cops even when they are not guilty of any crimes and are not charged with anything. The cases take a few moments to push through the courts and serve absolutely no affirmative purpose for the targets of this psychiatric tyranny or the general public. Everyone involved in this brutal and unjust psychiatric system profits greatly from it. Thereafter these cases are used as so-called evidence that the victims suffered from or suffer from serious mental illnesses even though there is no evidence presented by the psychiatrists and other doctors to their personal judges at the kangaroo civil court proceedings to back up such claims in the first place. The tragically sadistic US feds, cops and psychiatrists thereafter use these cases as an excuse to have it's victims ostracized from society with malicious slander, blacklisted, and kept under satellite drone electronic surveillance and badgered daily with electronic torture. Essentially this means the USA is a terrorist Psychiatric Police State and the worse fraud in world history which instead or promoting freedom and justice for the average person as the Constitution promises endorses and enforces brutally undermining the basic human rights of men, women and children for huge profits!


"The medical profession and entire USA have been criminalized by the American psychiatrists!" Daily once promising men, women and children are dealt with as if they have horrible mental illnesses and treated improperly by non-psychiatric medical doctors and nurses because of the legalization of the tyrannical quackery of the psychiatrists. And inside the profession medical students, intern and resident physicians and other doctors are ostracized and hit with deadly blacklists because they were conned into or forced to see the trash psychiatrists, not because of any mental or physical disability. The US feds and cops themselves along with people in other walks of life also regularly treat victims of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture & Death" horribly. This is basically happening because of the swift, fixed civil kangaroo court proceedings which are regularly used to force unwanted, unnecessary and damaging psychiatric intervention on innocent men, women and children. The stigmatization of having lost such civil court proceedings which they never had a chance to win in the first place generally catastrophically destroys the personal, academic and career interests of the targets of this tyranny even when they are not guilty of any serious crimes, if any crimes at all, and even if they never actually suffered from mental illness or perhaps went through a difficult time, in life, which everyone does at sometime, and got better. These horrible human rights abuses amount to horrible criminal misconduct, as defined by all universally accepted concepts of criminality, by the medical profession itself and other vital concerns across the entire USA because of the practices and policies of the American psychiatrists themselves.


"Concepts of human decency are distorted in the US psychiatric system" The US feds and cops working with the American psychiatrists target victims of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death" with intense satellite drone electronic torture around the clock in order to create pained states of being which mimic mental illness. These barbarians feel they are being very clever using this invisible means of torture projected into the brains of their victims as they advise the public only severely troubled and psychotic people would imagine such abuses occur in the USA of all places. This technology is being used to dangerously manipulate the emotions, thoughts and actions of innocent men, women and children. Dissemination of false and damaging information among the public along with the creation and enforcement of cruel discrimination at school and on the workforce is also used to help ruin the victims of American psychiatry. The zeal with which the terrorist US feds, cops and psychiatrists along with their personal judges sadistically go after their innocent victims implies there is a general trend of recruiting tragically disturbed psychopaths to these powerful and well paying positions therefore turning all concepts of human decency upside down! 


"American psychiatrists make a fortune from forced, unwanted and damaging intervention" After having innocent men, women and children kidnapped to their mental hospital concentration camps by cops, state agents and federal agents the American psychiatrists have them drugged up, beaten up and swiftly prepared for their moment in court. The targets of this tyranny are dragged in a shocked state down to kangaroo civil court proceedings set up in or near their mental hospitals, which are actually torture chambers. After the designated patients lose the swift, fixed civil court proceedings the psychiatrists coerce them to sign health insurance forms to cover the so called treatment. And if the targets of this brutality survive and make it out of these dungeons and forced, unwanted, unnecessary and dangerous intervention they are also often sent large bills directly by the criminally insane American psychiatrists. This all represents a repulsive financial scam which makes it very profitable for American psychiatrists to ruin the lives of men, women and children who generally otherwise had great promise in life.




These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!