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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuses Terror Alerts 





"The American psychiatrists and US Department of Justice encourage extensive psychiatric histories  to destroy people!" As part of the initiative to fuel the American Psychiatric Industry of Torture & Death the criminally insane American psychiatrists and terrorist US Department of Justice  encourage the development of extensive psychiatric histories which are than used to devastate the targets of psychiatric tyranny for the remainder of their lives. After literally beating down the victims of psychiatry with the painful and destructive psychiatric interventions the psychiatrists with support from the Justice Department tell their victims they should do better if they see a lot of different psychiatrists in order to check things out. Actually all of the psychiatrists work together and they all simply reinforce stigmatizing psychiatric labels which have no scientific credibility and painful and destructive psychiatric interventions. Psychiatric referrals have no positive goal in mind as in other branches of medicine such as when teams of infectious disease specialists work together to try to cure a potentially deadly infectious disease!


"The USA is a tragically abusive Psychiatric Police State" The USA is a terrorist Fascist Police State where the feds, cops & psychiatrists use satellite drone electronic warfare to badger nice people to death around the clock in order to run them down into making mistakes at school, work, while driving and at other times in order to lead them into financial trouble. The goal of these fascist psychopaths is to try to have the innocent targets of their joint tyranny and their families left unemployed, broke, homeless and starving in the streets. The feds, cops and psychiatrists never have anything of value to offer the public and are simply in a war against humanity 24/7 with their personal judges always backing them up in their kangaroo court proceedings. The situation in the USA with a brutal terrorist Justice Department which tortures innocent men, women and children with the criminally insane American psychiatrists to manufacture mental illness is dangerous and pathetic. The ignorant barbarians responsible for this treachery are paid extremely well to keep up their torture campaigns around the clock with their poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, mental hospital concentration camps and deadly blacklists along with electronic torture being among their favorite methods of madness used to manufacture mental illness!


"Psychiatry is a totally trash discipline which is used to brutally wipe out the lives of innocent people!" A primary objective of psychiatry is to literally wipe out the lives of innocent men, women and children. The accomplishments in every realm of the lives of these people are dealt with as a nuisance by the criminally insane psychiatrists who are interested in pathologizing every aspect of the lives of their victims. The potential positive impact of these accomplishments on the overall well being of victims of psychiatry is intentionally overlooked. Criminally insane US federal agents and cops consistently support the destructive activities of the psychiatrists and use this as a justification to sadistically badger and ridicule victims of psychiatry while blacklisting their vital interests. This all amounts to the slow and painful murders of men, women and children who have had the great misfortune of seeing psychiatrists in order to fuel the "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death"


"Psychiatry actually is politics and economics, not medicine, as Dr Szasz once said!" Dr Thomas Szasz devoted his career to fighting the inhumanity of mankind to his fellow mankind with his war against the very discipline he specialized in, psychiatry. He once eloquently stated that psychiatry certainly is not medicine and is instead politics and economics. His insights in this respect were as usual extraordinary. What is particularly disturbing about this realization is that for decades the American politicians and psychiatrists have been trying to make a name for themselves in international forums such as the United Nations by blasting other nations including Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba and North Korea as human rights abuser nations which use psychiatry as a vehicle of political oppression. Psychiatry presents mankind with a tragic problem worldwide and how the psychiatrists have managed to permeate the infrastructure of every government system in the world with their tyrannical quackery is of deep concern. It is certainly therefore unfair to imply in that in this respect the USA and its allies including Canada, Great Britain, Japan, France, Australia, Germany and others are any better than Russia and the Communist powers in dealing with the human rights abuses inherent in psychiatry. Psychiatry is not medicine in any country in the world. Psychiatry is a brutal weapon of political and economic oppression in every country in the world. Psychiatry is simply a criminal discipline which has undermined the integrity of every nation in the world and it should be permanently abolished and the psychiatrists should be prosecuted for their massive crimes against humanity!


"The Psychiatric Abuse Cliques in the USA are sociopaths who protect the abusive process of psychiatry at the expense of the patients" The US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges along with other doctors and nurses who support them are sadistic sociopaths who go to extremes to protect the abusive psychiatric process at the expense of the overall well being of men, women and children who have had the misfortune of seeing psychiatrists as patients. Misdiagnoses and cures are never recognized by these arrogant barbarians who sadistically thirst for the emotional highs they clearly get from creating and enforcing painful states of being which mimic mental illness and worse. These elitist who insist on being recognized as VIPs in society are actually the worse scum in the society who invest themselves heavily in totally destroying the careers and lives of the innocent targets of their tyranny in order to uphold their distorted perceptions of mental illness. Perfectly sane, highly intellectually and emotionally intelligent and creative peace loving people are butchered alive by this system around the clock. The tyrants responsible for this brutality particularly enjoy crippling people with psychiatric drugs while insisting they are after all legal drugs and they are therefore good for people they are prescribed for. They also enjoy having their victims beaten, sexually assaulted and abused in others ways in the mental hospital concentration camps while insisting they are after all hospitals and it is absurd to say they are used for anything aside from healing the sick. And a very valued tool of literal torture by the tragically ignorant barbarians who make up the Psychiatric Abuse Cliques is satellite drone electronic torture directed into the brains of the targets of this tyranny with images and sounds aimed at totally disrupting their normal brain functioning in order to create extreme states of anxiety and depression. This is associated with intentional stigmatization socially and deadly blacklists as the public rallies behind the terrorist US government and psychiatrists with hopes this will help them get ahead in life!


"Victims of psychiatry live in fear of whistle blowing" The victims of psychiatrists live in constant fear of telling the truth about what has happened to them. They are justifiably concerned that if they blow the whistle on the psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and others who have abused them that they will be subjected to even more brutal abuses. The psychiatrists routinely insist that patients who try to turn them in for abusing them are psychotic and are making up the stories. The US feds and cops generally support the psychiatrists since they too regularly severely sadistically abuse the patients.




These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!