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Sunday August 28, 2016 

Updated 5:30 am est


Natural Health Supplement of the Day


 Click the banner Breaking Psychiatric Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


The US feds, cops and psychiatrists are tragically sadistic psychopaths who are working 24/7 to mimic mental illness and waste lives! The US feds, cops and psychiatrists feed off of the pain and suffering which they intentionally inflict upon men, women and children daily. Their joint efforts to painfully waste the lives of the targets of their bigoted brutality has intensified with the help of satellite drone electronic warfare. The targets of this treachery are literally being buzzed in the brains with images, sounds and thoughts with electronic warfare from this technology to try to drive them insane. Unusual behavior which appears to be due to mental illness is also sparked off in this manner. And of course if the targets of this tyranny discuss this with psychiatrists or other doctors and nurses who work with psychiatrists they are labeled as psychotic. Intentional misdiagnoses with such stigmatizing and trendy labels as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, the highly poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, railroading into the mental hospital concentration camps, police beatings and false arrests, and life threatening blacklists are all also utilized daily by these psychopaths to destroy people who generally otherwise had great potential in all realms of their lives. Since this is all considered normal psychiatric procedures with the personal judges of the psychiatrists kept busy legalizing their tyranny in their kangaroo civil courts the United States Department of Justice generally sees no reason to open up criminal investigations and pursue prosecutions of the responsible parties when reports are filed about all of this. Society has therefore been turned upside down by psychiatry with criminality and sadistic cruelty prevailing over human decency.


This alert is generally simply an opinion which is not based on any scientific studies keeping in mind there are no biological markers for the diagnoses of the quack psychiatrists which are therefore also not based on scientific studies! Breaking Natural Health News


"Breast milk may offer babies a good natural remedy for protection from a deadly strep infection"

Imperial College London reports a type of sugar which is found in some women's breast milk may protect babies from a bacterium called Group B streptococcus which can cause a life threatening infection.



"Water is a great natural remedy to help fight obesity"
Virginia Tech researchers say replacing just one sugary soft drink with water could dramatically improve health.>>>EMaxHealth>>>