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Thursday July 20, 2017

Updated 4:00 am est         

                                 Dr Harold Mandel Online


                                        Special Interests In Natural Health Care

                                             & Mental Health Human Rights!


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 Click the banner Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


"The education system teaches students pure propaganda about psychiatry!" High school, University and medical school students are taught that psychiatrists have an expertise in mental health care and that the psychiatric system has the affirmative goal of helping people be mentally healthy and move ahead with their lives and careers. This is all simply not at all true and is all part of the very well funded propaganda machine of the psychiatrists. Actually psychiatry is and always has been a highly destructive discipline which feeds off of the intentional pain and suffering which the psychiatrists inflict their patients with. The psychiatrists themselves do not demonstrate any real interest in the provision of good mental health care. The support of the American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death by the US feds and cops helps to crystalize that the USA is actually a brutal terrorist Psychiatric Police State.


This alert is simply an opinion keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!       

                                                                                             Breaking Natural Health News                                         


"The brains of teens and young adults are at great risk from binge drinking"

Research shows binge drinking by teens and young adults is not at all safe and may in fact lead to brain damage. It has been reported by Neuroscience News that researchers have discovered that there is an association between heavy drinking during adolescence and among young adults with alterations in brain structure and function.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Teaching of emotional intelligence can have great benefits"

It has been reported by the University of British Columbia that there is a lasting positive impact from being taught emotional intelligence. There is an improvement in mental health, social skills and learning outcomes in young people who have taken part in social and emotional learning programs.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"You may sleep better if you have a purpose in life"

Using sleeping pills for problems sleeping at night raises concerns due to the myriad of potential side effects which are associated with sleeping pills. A good natural remedy for poor sleep may be finding a purpose in life.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>