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                              "The Texas Torture Case Survivor Fund"




"The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case" is a true story.

It has been sad for me to realize that I was born and raised in one of the most brutal mental health care human rights abuser nations on the planet, the United States of America, which has maliciously and sadistically stolen most of my life and career largely because I was self-oriented to use mental health care to gently help people be mentally healthy and get ahead in life, not to painfully destroy them for every little sin they may have committed. Also, clearly Texas is the "Mental Health Care Genocide Center" of the United States and America's Gulag where mental health care human rights abuses are instituted with unusual ignorance, arrogance, and cruelty which is why my enemies had me sent there to be butchered with mental health care human rights abuses.


An online synopsis of this story can be found at the donations link below.



Please donate to "The Texas Torture Case Survivor Fund" at this link>>>Donations