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                     Natural Health News 


"Remember to focus on seven heart healthy habits"

While saving lives focusing on seven heart healthy habits could also save billions in Medicare costs.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Researchers say good sleep can lead to good sex"

Researchers say good sleep can lead to good sex.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Staying active can help kids beat depression"

Researchers have found that kids who are physically active are not as depressed. This can be used to treat child depression.>>>EMaxHealth>>> 


"We must stress jobs, not guns and drugs, to cut down on mass shootings"

Researchers say mass shootings at schools across the United States have been linked to increased rates of unemployment.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"You need to sleep well for good health"

Researchers have found that the immune system is suppressed from chronic sleep deprivation.



"Fruits, veggies, fish and whole grains nurture healthy bones"

A new study has suggested that anti-inflammatory diets which are generally high in fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains may enhance the health of bones and prevent fractures in some women.



"Treating girls like sexual objects should be discouraged"

Researchers have observed there is a direct association between the sexual objectification of girls and aggression directed towards them.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Want to stay younger longer?-Try sitting less and exercising more!"

Researchers say that sitting too much and getting too little exercise may actually accelerate biological aging.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Cutting down your work related stress may lower your cancer risk"

Researchers say that prolonged exposure to stress associated with work is thought to be related to some cancers.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"The Mediterranean diet is healthy for your brain"

Researchers have found there is a positive effect on brain volume from the Mediterranean diet.>>>EMaxHealth>>>