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"Where cholera is prevalent drinking iced tea may increase risk"

Researchers say that there may be an increased risk of cholera in endemic countries from drinking iced tea.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"The more physical education the better for adolescents"

Researchers say that adolescents who have frequent physical education are in better shape and are more informed about the significance of physical activity for health.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Avocados are good medicine for metabolic syndrome"

Researchers have investigated the effects of avocados on various components of metabolic syndrome. Avocados appear to help fight this syndrome.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Creating a "dog in a pill" for prevention of allergies and obesity in kids seems possible"

Researchers say that being exposed to pets may decrease allergies and obesity in children. >>>EMaxHealth>>>


"You may be able to eat your way to a lower blood pressure with potassium rich foods"

Researchers say that eating foods which are rich in potassium such as bananas, spinach and beans may be a key to lowering blood pressure.>>>EMaxHealth>>>