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"The risk of SIDS can be lowered with breastfeeding"

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a dreaded entity. It has been reported by the University of Virginia that the risk of SIDS is dramatically decreased with two months of breastfeeding. The researchers have observed breastfeeding does not have to be done exclusively for babies to benefit.>>Read More>>>


"Nature offers a key to happiness" 

Leading a naturally healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, daily exercise, and adequate rest along with avoidance of drugs and alcohol generally helps in the search for happiness. Researchers have found that spending time in nature also generally nurtures happiness.>>>Read More>>>


"Clean air nurtures mental health"

There has been a growing awareness of how naturally healthy lifestyles promote mental health. Aside from good nutrition, daily exercise, adequate rest, and avoidance of drugs and alcohol, it has also become apparent that clean air helps to promote mental health.>>>Read More>>>


"Com­ple­ment­ary and al­tern­at­ive medi­cine are popular in Europe"

People across the world who are seeking better answers for their health problems have been showing an interest in complementary and alternative medicine. The University of Helsinki has reported an extensive new study in Europe has found people are using complementary and alternative medicine for various health problems, particularly when help which is given via conventional medicine is considered not to be adequate.>>>Read More>>>


"Gentle touch can help with the emotional pain of social rejection"

Social exclusion is a very painful experience. There is a basic need in people for social contact and so certainly pills will not cure the psychic pain of social exclusion. Researchers have found that the gentle touch of another person can however help ease the pain of being rejected socially.>>>Read More>>>


"There is an association between sugar and cancer"

It has been well known that eating too much sugar can be associated with obesity and dental decay. New research has shown an association exists between sugar and cancer.>>>Read More>>>