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"Stay active to be healthy and live longer"

Researchers have determined you can maintain a healthier heart and have a better chance of living longer if you get any type of physical activity on a regular basis.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Depression can be set off by poor family relations"

Depression is a devastating condition which seems to have multi-factorial causes. Aside from genetics, certain drugs, malnutrition, unhealthy lifestyles, major life events, death of a loved one, and physical, sexual, or emotional abuse researchers say family relationships can also influence depression.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Poor lifestyle is more damaging to your health than low dose radiation"

Poor lifestyle poses a serious threat to your overall health. This threat is so serious scientists have recently said there is less of a risk for your health from low level radiation than from unhealthy lifestyle.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Risky behavior must be confronted to make driving safer"

Road safety is of vital concern to responsible drivers. Confronting the problem of risky drivers has been found to be essential in lowering the risk of road accidents.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Your brain function and energy levels may be improved with yoga and meditation"

A growing awareness of the potential for serious side effects with psycho-pharmacological agents has lead to a search for natural interventions to improve the functioning of the brain. Research shows that yoga and meditation can improve your brain function and your energy levels.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Your risk for diabetes may be lowered by eating less red meat and poultry"

There has been a surge in cases of diabetes due to poor diets and poor lifestyles. New research has shown that eating red meat and poultry are associated with an increased risk for getting diabetes.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>