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                        Natural Health News


"Mindfulness has a lot to offer for sports performance"

Coaches and athletes searching for better ways to improve sports performance generally find that encouraging mindfulness has a lot to offer.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Parkinson’s patients may benefit from music therapy"

Researchers have found music therapy has a lot to offer Parkinson’s patients.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Crispy jellyfish has potential as a tasty new food"

In the search for new natural healthy foods jellyfish has great potential. Crispy jellyfish is nutritious and delicious.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


Mind-body therapies for pain may lower abuse of opioid painkillers"

Suffering with serious pain is a horrible state of being and can lead to overuse of pain medications. New research shows that troublesome pain responds well to mind-body therapies.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>



"It’s not a good idea to mix sugary drinks with protein rich foods"

A lot of people grab fast food consisting of a hamburger and sugary soft drink for a quick lunch or dinner. Research shows that sugary soft drinks and meals rich in protein don’t mix well together.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"You could live a lot longer while maintaining good health with a healthy lifestyle"

There has been an increased awareness of the value of healthy lifestyles. It appears that you do not simply feel better with a healthy lifestyle, you may also live longer.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>