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        The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association


 "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" Encourages You To Reach For Your

Optimal Mental Health Potential With Humane Natural Mental Health Care While Fighting To Wipe Out Mental

Health Care Human Rights Abuses!     















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               The herb St. John's Wort is often very helpful for mild to moderate episodes of depression!







                              Daily Mental Health Care Human Rights Abuse Alert


There has been a catastrophic over prescribing of potentially very dangerous psychiatric drugs such as neuroleptics and lithium for misdiagnoses of the trendy entities of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, often with court orders supporting this dangerous intervention!  



                                                    Remembering Dr Thomas Szasz












                           Please  Donate To Help Fight Mental Health Care Human Rights Abuses!




Every person should have the chance to live a naturally mentally healthy, free and productive life because all human lives should have equal value. Poor mental health care steals all hope for good mental health from people. Please work with me to help wipe out mental health care human rights abuses and improve mental health care in the United States and across the world!










 Revised Sept. 14, 2014



                                                                             Mission Statement


The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association has a mission of encouraging mental health
with humane natural approaches while fighting mental health care human rights abuses. Mental Health Care human rights abuses are a serious problem across the world. The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association wants to help you enjoy better mental health with a deep respect for your human rights while achieving better in school and at work and while enjoying a more rewarding personal life wherever you may be.
Mental health care in the wrong hands is being used as a weapon of sadistic oppression in power plays by wealthy and powerful elitists in society to degrade, enslave, and torture people who have less money or less power than they do. Abusive charlatans in our society literally steal the lives of their targets of sadistic aggression by using mental health care as a weapon of enslavement, torture, and death in a corrupt and brutal system which often fails to stop this from happening. And many very well meaning people from every walk of life in society, who are simply victims of the propaganda of these charlatans, often find themselves destroying the very people they thought they were helping. The targets of mental health care tyranny are generally, but not always poor. Being targeted by mental health care human rights abuses instead of being appropriately assisted to move ahead with their careers and their lives makes it almost impossible for these people and their families to survive with their dignity intact.
There is too much of a reliance on psychiatric drugs in the provision of mental health care. The facts dealing with potentially dangerous side effects of these drugs are well known and yet they are still often over-prescribed. There should be more stress on good nutrition and healthy lifestyles and less stress on drugs in dealing with mental health issues. Mental health care human rights abuses can be a particularly critical problem for children whose developing brains and nervous systems are extremely sensitive to drugs. Children at all times deserve special attention to help meet the needs of their emotional development.
Psychiatric stigmatization which results in academic, career, financial, legal, and social hardships for people who have seen psychiatrists is a very serious problem. Both psychiatric diagnoses and court records dealing with forced treatment often follow people around for the remainder of their lives even though there are no actual biological markers to confirm any of the psychiatric diagnoses including the trendy diagnostic entities of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. This is not what mental health care is supposed to be all about. People who have struggled to recover from some type of emotional turmoil in their lives, regardless of what the actual cause was, should be respected when they recover and move back into society, just as someone who fights cancer and wins the battle.
Furthermore, the manners in which psychiatric court proceedings are run across the United States is often a disgrace. People are literally hit from behind, drugged and kidnapped to mental hospitals with no charges and no rights read to them. They are drugged further in the hospitals and often sexually assaulted and thrown into isolation with no provocation in preparation for their day in court. The mental hospitals are therefore often being used as concentration camps which in such cases have no therapeutic or diagnostic value.  Any two licensed physicians, generally a psychiatrist and another physician, briefly testify at these proceedings with no sworn in testimony and no juries before county judges whom they work with daily. Generally these swift, fixed kangaroo civil proceedings are used to legalize unwanted psychiatric intervention with absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the allegations of mental illness. Patients are intimidated by these proceedings and see the testifying psychiatrist as their enemy. This breaks down all hope of a healthy therapeutic alliance between the psychiatrist and patient. Patients who are in mental distress need a physician to help them who is a warm, caring healer, not a legal enemy.
Along the way to working for reforms in mental health care it has become clear that the late Dr Thomas Szasz,
an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, New York was the most insightful and successful critic of his own discipline in history. It is the extensive work of Dr
Thomas Szasz over his lifetime which has helped to make me sensitive to the issues of problems with the provision of proper mental health care when the side effects of psychiatric drugs are not carefully considered, problems which
arise defining the fine line between temporarily taking over someone's interests in order to get them what may be
needed mental health care assistance versus going too far and simply swiping away their democratic freedoms in manners which simply makes them sicker, and problems with psychiatric stigmatization in dealing with diagnostic entities which at this time in the development of our understandings are simply never for certain.
Frankly, I do not therefore take the credit for originating this reform movement in mental health care. The inspiration for my concerns comes from the unusually insightful work of Dr Thomas Szasz whose understandings of the human psyche and human rights issues were truly unbelievable.   
                                                                                                                                         Harold Mandel, MD




As a General Physician with a special interest in mental health I offer Natural Mental Health Care Wellness Counseling Services for adults and children. My emphasis in the prevention and treatment of mental illness has a focus on your individual lifestyle, psychodynamic, biochemical, social, spiritual and financial needs. I want you to reach for being a full and productive person while experiencing life to its fullest. I also offer suicide and homicide prevention counseling services and meditation training to help you relax without drugs. My professional services are available online via Webcam on Skype, via telephone and also for home, office and school visits. Fees for my professional services vary depending on your needs and your financial situation. I am licensed to practice medicine by New York State. Please contact me via e-mail with any questions or to make an appointment at: 


I can also be reached at:


Skype ID: haroldmandelmd


Harold Mandel, MD











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