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Sunday July 4, 2015

Updated 8:00 am est                                   



        The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association


 "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" Encourages You To Reach For Your

Optimal Mental Health Potential With Humane Natural Mental Health Care While Fighting To Wipe Out Mental

Health Care Human Rights Abuses!     













Daily Natural Mental Health Care Tip


"Vitamins Are Essential for Mental Health"Deficiencies in B Vitamins which include Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), and B12 can lead to anxiety, depression, irritability, and fearfulness. The lack of Vitamins C and D and minerals, such as zinc and magnesium, have also been associated with depression. It is therefore important to make certain you get adequate vitamins in your diet and with supplements daily.


Daily Mental Health Care Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


"The American Psychiatrists & US Government Press Psychiatric Cases For Cold Blooded Murder of Sane Human Rights Activists & the Poor": Psychiatric cases are pushed through  kangaroo civil courts across the US in a conveyer belt fashion daily. There are no charges and generally no crimes associated with these sham cases. The targets of these cases are kidnapped to mental hospital concentration camps where they are drugged, sexually assaulted and beaten in preparation for their brief moment in court. Local judges who work closely with the psychiatrists and other doctors who briefly testify with no sworn in testimony and no evidence of any wrongdoing order psychiatric intervention for the targets of this tyranny in swift, fixed civil court proceedings. When this forced psychiatric intervention which amounts to torture for psychiatric illnesses the targets of this tyranny generally do not even suffer from is over the US Department of Justice uses these cases for the slow and painful methodical murders of the victims of this abuse by blacklisting their vital academic and financial interests coupled with slander spread across the society about them leading to their relative isolation. The created and enforced poverty for these people is deadly for them and their families.







           Natural Mental Health Care Wellness Counseling & Life Coaching Services       


As a General Physician with a special interest in mental health I offer online Natural Mental Health Care Wellness Counseling Services for adults and children. My emphasis in the prevention and treatment of mental illness has a focus on your individual lifestyle, psychodynamic, biochemical, social, spiritual and financial needs. I want you to reach for being a full and productive person while experiencing life to its fullest. I also offer suicide and homicide prevention counseling services. And I offer life coaching aimed at helping you identify and achieve personal goals in all realms of your life. I take a 100% nonpsychiatric purist natural drug free approach to mental health care. I am licensed to practice medicine by New York State. If you have any questions for me or if you would like to make an appointment you can reach me via e-mail at: All of my online counseling services are offered viaHealthTap at: Virtual HealthTap Office of Dr Harold Mandel






                                                 Please  Donate To Help Fight The Tyranny Of The

                                       Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death


The "Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" Is Dedicated To The Tens Of Millions Of Victims Of Psychiatry Who Would Have Had Healthy & Productive Lives If Not For The Psychiatrists Who Stole Their Lives To Feed "The Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death!"



Every person should have the chance to live a naturally mentally healthy, free and productive life because all human lives should have equal value. Poor mental health care steals all hope for good mental health from people. An improvement in mental health care is impossible with the consistently destructive discipline of psychiatry which should therefore be permanently abolished. Please work with me to help wipe out mental health care human rights abuses and improve mental health care in the United States and across the world!







        Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Reports


                          "US feds are paying for psychiatric fraud to drug foster care kids"
                               "Dr. Lieberman has called journalist Whitaker a menace to society"


                                      "Childhood should not be treated like a disease"

                               "Arts, crafts and computers can help preserve your memory"


                 "The Germanwings co-pilot was on psychiatric drugs when he crashed his plane"

                                         "Suicides are on the increase among older Americans"


                                 "Diet and nutrition should be stressed in mental health care"


                               "FSU shooter like many other killers was on psychiatric drugs"

                                    "Marketing accounts for the rise in ADHD diagnoses"                


                        "Robin Williams was taking antidepressant drugs when he killed himself"


                            "CCHR opens up an investigation of Michigan mental health policies"


                                    "CCHR hits psychiatrists for turning classrooms into ADHD labs"    


                            "Citizens Commission on Human Rights refers to psychiatry as a junk science"


                                    "The CCHR reports on making a killing with psychiatric drugs"
                                                 "Jim Gottstein, JD discusses psych rights" 
                             "CCHR reports on association of psychotropic drugs with violence"


                                               "The Texas Enslavement & Torture Case"                                                


   Check out "The Psychiatric Tyranny Space of The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association"   

Check the association out on Facebook at: "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association Facebook Page"