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Committed To Helping You Reach For Your Optimal Health Potential In Body, Mind & Spirit & To The Abolition Of Psychiatry!
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        The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association

                             With A Mission To Help Abolish Psychiatry


 "The Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" Encourages You To Reach For Your

Optimal Mental Health Potential With Humane Natural Mental Health Care While Working To Wipe Out Mental

Health Care Human Rights Abuses Of Psychiatrists!    





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Daily Psychiatric Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert



Psychiatry is used to justify and legalize psychopathy: Just like in a Hollywood movie dealing with how people are driven insane by psychiatrists and their irrational and abusive interventions in the real world psychiatrists often drive people to the brink of literal insanity by rationalizing and legalizing their own psychopathic behavior and the psychopathic behavior of others with psychiatry. Consider a sadistic father or mother who can't seem to stop emotionally and sometimes even physically abusing a son or daughter who is a very intelligent, creative and a free thinking liberal person. The father or mother begins to fear they could end up arrested and end up on the evening news for child abuse if they don't cover for themselves. And so they begin calling psychiatrists and explaining there must be something psychiatrically wrong with their child who just keeps behaving unusually and pushing their nerves to the limit. Now the child who is already a victim is the one being coerced to see psychiatrists and who has a psychiatric record which the US federal government, states and courts always ignorantly use against people to ruin their academic and career interests with the position they just can't take a chance dealing with someone with a psychiatric history. Consider an incompetent educator who messes up the record of a brilliant student by giving the wrong advice or failing to give the right advice about what is covered on an important exam. The educator begins to fear he or she could lose their job and therefore immediately files a report with psychologists and psychiatrists about the student claiming it's clear the student has fallen into a state of mental illness or else the student would have performed as well on the important exam in question as on other exams. Consider sadistic federal agents or cops who can't seem to stop setting up pleasant, decent people for legal problems and who often beat people up. These federal agents or cops fear deeply for the lose of their badges and evening news coverage of abusive feds and cops being indicted by the District Attorney in town and so these federal agents and cops decide to run all of their abuse victims into psychiatric facilities with confabulated reports about unusual behavior which manifests mental illness and which was responsible for necessary force to be used. The psychologists and psychiatrists themselves consistently support the reports of the people who are most well established with money and power and therefore the victims of such psychopathy as alluded to are generally completely ruined for the remainder of their now pained lives. The judges who preside at kangaroo civil psychiatric court proceedings also consistently support the views of the most well established people in these cases with the trash psychologists and psychiatrists who are responsible for these abuses among that class of people. In a proper court of law with sworn in testimony and a jury the lawyers and judges would not even allow these kind of people to sit on the jury due to their cleared ignorant biases against the defendants.


This alert is simply an opinion and is not based on any scientific studies keeping in mind there are no biological markers for the diagnoses of the psychiatrists which are therefore also not based on scientific studies!


Natural Mental Health Care Wellness Counseling & Life Coaching Services       


As a General Physician with a special interest in mental health I offer online Natural Mental Health Care Wellness Counseling Services for adults and children. In the area of mental health care I support a 100% purist natural approach to prevention and treatment because of the consistently dangerous side effects from the psychiatric drugs which appear to mimic mental illness and worse. My emphasis in the prevention and treatment of mental illness has a focus on your individual lifestyle, psychodynamic, biochemical, social, spiritual and financial needs. I want you to reach for being a full and productive person while experiencing life to its fullest. I also offer suicide and homicide prevention counseling services. And I offer life coaching aimed at helping you identify and achieve personal goals in all realms of your life. I am licensed to practice medicine by New York State. If you have any questions for me or if you would like to make an appointment you can reach me via e-mail at: All of my online counseling services are offered viaHealthTap at: Virtual HealthTap Office of Dr Harold Mandel


                          Please  Donate To Help Abolish The Tyranny Of The

                         Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death


The "Harold Mandel, MD Natural Mental Health Care Reform Association" Is Dedicated To The Tens Of Millions Of Victims Of Psychiatry Who Would Have Had Healthy & Productive Lives If Not For The Psychiatrists Who Stole Their Lives To Feed "The Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death!"



                                                                                                                                                                         Every person should have the chance to live a naturally mentally healthy, free and productive life because all human lives should have equal value. Poor mental health care steals all hope for good mental health from people. An improvement in mental health care is impossible with the consistently destructive discipline of psychiatry which should therefore be permanently abolished. Please work with me to help wipe out mental health care human rights abuses of psychiatrists and improve mental health care in the United States and across the world!