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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alerts 





A "Psychiatric Abuse Clique" of psychopathic monsters has been ruling over the minds of the USA! The US feds, cops, psychiatrists & their personal judges make up a brutal "Psychiatric Abuse Clique" of “psychopathic monsters” who have been sadistically torturing and murdering human rights activists, poor people and even children 24/7 with damaging labels of mental illness which have no scientific credibility, painful electronic warfare, their poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, beatings, false arrests in their prison death chambers, deadly blacklists, and incarcerations in their mental hospital concentration camps. All along the ignorant barbarians responsible for all of this insist they are among the only truly civilized people on the planet Earth. Activists who feel morally compelled to blow the whistle about the reprehensible behavior of the tyrants responsible for these atrocities are often placed under suspicion of being a threat to the integrity of the USA by their own government and ruined with the same type of abuses they are fighting to expose and eradicate, when in fact what becomes clear is that the "Psychiatric Abuse Clique" itself and the supporters of these monsters are what represents a clear threat to the health and welfare of the American people!  


American psychiatrists and their courts marginalize credible critics of their tyranny! The psychiatrists and their personal judges are brutal criminals who work together to severely marginalize credible critics of their joint tyranny. Instead of giving careful consideration to valid reports of painful abuses inflicted by psychiatrists, the psychiatrists themselves turn to their swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings to legalize damaging accusations of mental illness against their victims. Intentional legalized misdiagnoses of the trendy mythical diagnostic entities of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are the favored destructive labels of the trash psychiatrists. Perfectly sane and law abiding mental health care human rights activist honor student victims of psychiatry with college diplomas and other advanced degrees are lucky if they can get even menial low paying part time jobs, if any jobs at all, when the psychiatrists and their supporters get done tearing apart their lives. The US federal government and state governments across the USA are clearly terrorist entities which help to brutally enforce the deadly tyranny of the psychiatrists by supporting the marginalization of the existence of the victims of psychiatry. 


The USA is operating a massive Psychiatric Genocide Machine! The entire psychiatric system in the United States is geared towards brutally creating and enforcing negative states of mind instead of encouraging mental health. The US Department of Justice along with the psychiatrists use a myriad of methods of severe torture which includes high energy satellite drone transmitted waves zapped into peoples brains, dangerous attempts at thought, behavior and mood control via the same technology, kidnappings to brutal mental hospital concentration camps, deadly blacklists, organized public ridicule campaigns, isolation, and associated terror tactics such as literal starvation to make people think they are mentally ill in efforts to make them accept such unscientific labels as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Swift, fixed kangaroo civil court orders with no juries and no sworn in testimony before crooked and sadistic county judges are used to legalize this tyranny across all 50 states in the most widespread psychiatric genocide campaign against sane mental health care human rights activists and poor people in world history. People who could perhaps benefit from humane natural mental health care are also slaughtered by the "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death"! 


American psychiatry is basically built around a class struggle between the very wealthy and powerful and the poor! Around the clock the diabolically insane American psychiatrists and terrorist US government are on witch hunts aimed at feeding the powerful and very lucrative "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death!" The poor are the primary targets of the genocidal American psychiatric death machine. When middle class and wealthy men, women and children are targeted by this terror machine it generally means someone with more money and power than them has decided to sadistically attempt to destroy the economic security they have in life and push them down into the painful despair of poverty. The intentional stigmatization and associated deadly blacklists of the vital interests of victims of psychiatry all generally lead things in this direction. This  is all part of a disgusting class struggle across the USA with many of the best and brightest men, women and children in the country leading tragically wasted lives as they struggle to survive on the fringes of existence daily while their criminally insane tormentors live in extreme opulence. And all along psychiatry itself is a vehicle of terrorism which has absolutely nothing at all to do with the proper and humane diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental illness.


The American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques treat people as horribly as it is alleged North Korea treated Otto Warmbier! There has been an outcry for justice in the aftermath of allegations that abuses while being held as a prisoner in North Korea caused the death of Otto Warmbier. It is not actually clear what actually happened while Warmbier was being held prisoner in North Korea for apparently trying to steal an item bearing a propaganda slogan from his hotel. However, counter accusations from North Korea that the USA is a brutal human rights abuser nation and should be careful about where to lay the blame for this and other such incidents unfortunately has credibility. It is very sad to have seen Warmbier lose his life at such a young age for whatever reasons his life was lost. It is also very sad to see scores of innocent American men, women and children callously crippled and killed by the American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques daily. On a regular basis there are painful, deadly and clearly unjustified abuses directed against targets of American psychiatric tyranny by the American psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, other doctors and nurses who support them, US feds, cops, the psychiatric kangaroo civil court judges, and others in the American society who support the joint tyranny of these tyrants. Most of the targets of American psychiatric tyranny are intellectually and emotionally warm and law abiding people whose chances to get ahead in life have been stolen by the American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death, not by mental illness!


The USA is the leading nation worldwide in wasting lives with psychiatry! While the USA claims to be in the forefront of human rights initiatives across the world in reality it comes out as being a leading mental health care human rights abuser nation. In fact the investment into manufacturing what appears to be mental illness in innocent men, women and children is so tragically large it seems as if the USA has the largest percent of perfectly sane and law abiding people being wasted by psychiatry than any other nation in the entire world. Instead of working to nurture wellness, happiness and productivity in people, sadistic feds, cops and psychiatrists along with their personal judges have been using destructive and painful measures such as electronic warfare, stigmatization, toxic drugs and deadly blacklists to generate as much mental illness as possible in the victims of their joint tyranny. This promotion of mental illness leads to scores of tragically wasted lives of men, women and children who otherwise have had the potential to do well in all realms of their lives.




These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!