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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuses Terror Alerts 





"The tyranny of the American psychiatry is as horrible as the violence seen in Charlottsville, Virginia!" The American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques are terrorists made up of the US feds, cops, psychiatrists, their personal judges and others who support and help to enforce their joint tyranny. Around the clock, day after day, emotionally and intellectually intelligent people are victimized by the American Psychiatric Terror Machine. The brains of innocent men, women, and children are pounded with satellite drone electronic warfare with sinister moves to control their emotions, thoughts and actions. This horrifying dehumanization of life drives people into hysterical states as their personal lives, academic interests and career interests are intentionally ruined by the sociopaths responsible for this tyranny. The end result of all of this which is seen in tragically wasted lives along with crippled and prematurely dead bodies is as horrible as the senseless violence seen in Charlottsville, Virginia!  


"The USA uses torture to try to make victims of psychiatry accept being abused!" The US government and American psychiatrists literally torture victims of psychiatric abuse to try to make them accept being abused. Intense satellite drone electronic stalking and badgering, organized public ridicule campaigns, deadly blacklists, social isolation, police beatings and false arrests among other abuses are used to attempt to make the targets of this tyranny accept being kidnapped to mental hospital concentration camps where they are intentionally misdiagnosed with serious mental illnesses such as the trendy entities of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, beaten, sexually assaulted, and poisoned with the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs. The terrorist US government and psychiatrists also want the targets of these abuses to accept the associated swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings aimed at legalizing this tyranny as being legitimate court cases. This is all done by the US government and American psychiatrists to attempt to break down the resolve of victims of psychiatric abuse to fight back, instead of opening up criminal investigations of such clear criminal wrongdoing as part of what fuels the ever more lucrative and powerful American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death!


"Psychiatrists are cruel psychopaths who insist on murdering who you really are!" The psychiatrists are diabolically insane sadists who profit greatly from the intense misery which they bring upon innocent men, women and children. Instead of working to prevent and properly treat and cure mental illness these leeches of society have heavily invested themselves in manufacturing states of being which mimic mental illness. As part of their game plan in trying to drive their victims insane the psychiatrists essentially refuse to allow the targets of their tyranny to be who they really are with attributes that can make people successful in all realms of their lives. With their beatings, isolation, drugging with toxic poisons, intentional stigmatization, and blacklists aimed at creating and enforcing economic hardship, the psychiatrists actually murder who their victims really are and create zombies out of them. Sadly the US government and other governments worldwide sadistically endorse this brutal tyranny of the psychiatrists! 


"The American psychiatrists and US government undermine the free will of the targets of their joint tyranny!" As an inherent part of their goal of negating the presence in the world of mental health care human rights activists, their children, poor people and others arbitrarily chosen to help fuel the American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death the free will of victims of American psychiatry is targeted. Threats, intimidation, beatings, drugging with toxic pharmaceutical agents which dull the responses of the brain, and brutal kidnappings to mental hospital concentration camps along with intentional falsified labels of mental illness and deadly blacklists are used to negate the presence in the world of the victims of American psychiatry. Intense satellite drone electronic torture projected into the brains of the targets of this tyranny is also a favored weapon of oppression used to deaden the brain of the targets of American psychiatry. Ultimately all free will of men, women and children is wiped out as zombies are intentionally created out of once energetic and creative independent minded people!


"The US Psychiatric system profits from creating and enforcing disability!" The obvious goal of the US government endorsed psychiatric system is to completely devastate any man, woman or child who has had the misfortune of seeing a psychiatrist. Everything the psychiatrists do leads towards academic, career, social and financial ruination of their innocent victims. The mental health and physical health along with the spiritual well being of people who have seen psychiatrists in the USA are targets for total destruction by the brutal psychiatric interventions. The cleared goal of this criminal psychiatric system is to create and enforce disability in order to feed the very lucrative American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death! 


"What the American psychiatrists refer to as treatment and prevention is US government endorsed terrorism!" The American psychiatrists are all diabolically insane sadists who have a very well funded propaganda machine. What these charlatans refer to as prevention and treatment is actually highly destructive terrorism. Their mythical diagnoses have absolutely no biological markers to back them up. The poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, the mental hospital concentration camps and the arrogant manners of dealing with people by psychiatrists are all highly toxic to the human mind and body and create and enforce dependent states of being and serious illnesses. The US federal government, states and courts are tragically cruel and abusive entities which endorse the tyrannical quackery of the psychiatrists in order to help fuel the very lucrative “American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death.” Similar problems in dealing with psychiatry exist worldwide!





These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!