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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alerts 







People are humiliated and destroyed over money in the unusually abusive American psychiatric system! The trash American psychiatrists and terrorist US government have been heavily invested in humiliating mental health care human rights activists by destroying their careers and leaving open only low paying jobs, if any jobs at all, for them. The victims of this tyranny are generally well qualified for better high paying jobs and capable of doing these jobs well even though the psychiatrists and government lie and claim this is not true. This ultimately leads to incredibly severe forms of pain and suffering for most of the victims of this treachery. Their families, including their children, likewise suffer horribly in what actually amounts to genocide of mental health care human rights activists and others targeted for psychiatric take downs in the USA. This all of course has nothing at all to do with the proper provision of mental health care!


Psychiatrists are US government endorsed experts at ruining human brains! Everything the criminally insane psychiatrists do is ultimately aimed at literally destroying human brains and lives. Their hostile manners, myriad of mythical psychiatric labels, poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, mental hospital concentration camps, isolation chambers, and electric shock devices all ultimately cause severe damage to human brains. These leeches of society who feed off of the pain and suffering which they create and enforce claim they fully understand what it takes to make the brain naturally healthy and yet in their practices and policies this is not what they do. The US federal government, state governments and courts tragically endorse the tyrannical treachery of the diabolically insane psychiatrists as a clear manifestation of their ultimate belligerent intentions in dealing with the health and welfare of the general public. The only real concern of the monsters responsible for this state of affairs is to make the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" as wealthy and powerful as possible in the brutal Psychiatric Police State which has evolved in the USA. There are similar problems in dealing with psychiatry elsewhere across the world.  


Psychiatrists with support from the US government dangerously manipulate normal minds and create havoc! In their cleared quest to profit greatly in any manners possible off of the targets of their tyrannical quackery psychiatrists dangerously manipulate normal minds to great havoc by working against nature. The toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs and electronic warfare implemented by the US government are favored methods of destroying the normal balance of bioamines in people's brains. Erroneous diagnoses of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are the most trendy labels used by the criminally insane psychiatrists to ruin men, women and children. Terrorist styled US feds and cops work aggressively alongside the psychiatrists to help manufacture these labels by manipulating the brains and social environment of the victims of psychiatric treachery. Misinformation and blatant lies are disseminated around communities by feds and cops about victims of psychiatry to paint false pictures of mental illness in dealing with them. This all leads to the tragic wasting of potentially very productive lives by the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death"!


The psychiatric abuser clique intentionally tortures targets of psychiatric treachery by not allowing them to earn a living doing what they do best! The inner clique of mental health abusers in the USA keeps insisting the targets of their joint tyrannical quackery are not qualified to do what they do best and do not do well in what they do best with. This is particularly true of mental health care human rights activist professionals whom the patients themselves actually generally like. This is precisely why the abusive inner clique of tyrants who control the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" wants them out of the way and turns them into patients instead of allowing them to earn a nice living. This clearly shows the mental health and general overall well being of the patients is actually of no consideration at all to everyone involved in the American psychiatric scheme. In fact the goal of this scheme is to sadistically create and nurture mental illness along with extreme forms of pain and suffering and often associated premature death for huge profits. The inner clique of criminally insane mental health care human rights abusers in the USA consists primarily of tragically miserable US federal agents, cops, psychiatrists, other doctors and nurses who work with psychiatrists, and their personal judges.


US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their judges have people tortured with psychiatry simply because they do not like them! As a clear manifestation of their total arrogance and lack of respect for democratic rights, individuality and diversity the US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges have been intentionally misdiagnosing peace loving, kind, intelligent and law abiding people as mentally ill and severely abusing them with the highly destructive interventions of psychiatry simply because they do not like them. Law biding people who perhaps could benefit from humane forms of natural mental health care are also severely abused in similar manners simply because the US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their judges do not like them. A particular irritant for the criminally insane clique of psychiatric abusers is often how nice their victims are since they themselves are miserable people. This is a tragic disgrace which breaks down all civilized concepts of a free society with a fair justice system and equal opportunities to get ahead in life for all people! 


The American psychiatrists have made junk out of the USA and the world! The American psychiatrists make junk out of the lives of hard working, intelligent, creative, emotionally warm, ambitious, peace loving and law abiding people. They are leeches of society who have also made junk out of the US federal government, states and courts by using the influence of their powerful special interest group to insist that there be respect for their joint tyrannical quackery. In fact the damages from the American psychiatrists are so pervasive due to the legalization of their brutal idiocy that they have also made junk out of international justice, diplomacy and humanity in general worldwide. Similar problems exist with other psychiatrists internationally. Clearly the only answer to such a horrible problem which has been responsible for the tragic waste of lives of millions upon millions of decent people across the world is to work hard for the total and permanent abolition of the highly destructive discipline of psychiatry!


The US government works closely with psychiatrists and other doctors direct filthy war crimes against the American people! The US federal government and all 50 American state governments work alongside psychiatrists and other doctors who endorse psychiatry to brutally enslave, torture and murder mental health care human rights activists and their children among others. This is actually a war crime directed against the American people by their own government which is no less filthy and criminal in nature than the war crimes committed by doctors in Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan during World War 11. The erroneous diagnoses of mental illness, stigmatization, railroading into mental hospital concentration camps, beatings, isolation and drugging with psychiatric drugs which are actually poisons, electronic badgering, and cruel deadly blacklists have all essentially been legalized by the states and judiciary and accepted by the US federal government. The closed nature of the kangaroo civil courts where victims of psychiatry are dragged, drugged and beaten clears up that the US government wants the people to stay away from these cases which are done to fuel the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death"!


US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges seem to feel they have a divine right to torture people! The chronic torture of mental health care human rights activists and others by criminally insane US feds, cops & psychiatrists along with their personal judges continues daily across the USA. The subhuman mutants responsible for this tyranny apparently feel they have been divinely chosen to brutally abuse other people and tragically waste their lives for no good reasons at all. This is a pathetic display of pure ignorant arrogance in its worse forms as the powerful and lucrative "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture & Death" has more lives of law abiding, intelligent and emotionally warm people stolen daily than street gangs, organized crime figures and well established terrorist groups combined!


Whistleblowers dealing with psychiatric tyranny are being told they are mentally ill to undermine their credibility! Whistleblowers, including reporters, medical students, and physicians among others, dealing with the tyrannical quackery of psychiatry are being told they are themselves mentally ill. This is being done to attempt to destroy their vital personal, career and financial interests and to therefore undermine their credibility. These mental health care human rights activists who expose the repulsive criminal behavior of US feds , cops, psychiatrists and judges who have mental health care human rights activists and others tortured with psychiatry are often asked how could they risk their careers and freedom reporting on corruption and brutality among Americans in such powerful positions who have so much money. They are being told by the psychiatrists and others who work with them that they lack good judgement and are therefore mentally ill or they would not have placed their careers and other vital interests at such risk. And yet the right question to raise is how could anyone with a conscience risk their freedom and lives and that of other people by not reporting on such disgraceful filth in society.


The US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges are incorrigible criminals who refuse to stop torturing people with psychiatric interventionEven as  the evidence continues to mount that psychiatry is and always has been a highly destructive discipline that profits from intentionally creating severe forms of pain and suffering for men, women and children the US feds, cops and psychiatrists along with their personal judges continue to inflict law abiding people with the cruelty of psychiatry daily. Even in confessed murderers psychiatry could actually be considered cruel and unusual punishment and yet the weapon of psychiatric tyranny is regularly invoked even against law abiding, peace loving, harmless people on a daily basis. To make matters worse what are clearly sadistic criminally insane US feds and cops who work with the trash psychiatrists and their personal likewise trash judges have gotten carried away with the use of extreme forms of satellite drone electronic warfare to help them torture their victims while working around the clock to mimic what is labelled as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in their minds and actions. This is done to create and enforce psychiatric stigmatization with associated deadly academic and career blacklists. Railroading into the mental hospital concentration camp system with horrible beatings and drugging with the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs are part of this formula of destruction. The poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs are also widely used on an outpatient basis to cripple and murder targets of the very lucrative "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death!" 


These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists!