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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuses Terror Alerts 





"Victims of psychiatry are essentially isolated because they are not mentally ill" The US feds, cops and psychiatrists aggressively attempt to isolate the often arbitrary targets of psychiatric tyranny as much as possible due to concerns the general public might make waves for them when it becomes very clear these people are victims of torture, not mental illness. The methods of madness which are used to isolate victims of psychiatry include the dissemination of filthy lies to the public, organized public ridicule campaigns based on fear created in the hearts and minds of the public due to the massive propaganda machine of the psychiatrists, cruel and life threatening blacklists based on intentional stigmatization with associated created and enforced poverty as the victims of psychiatry who are generally capable of earning a lot of money instead struggle to exist on the fringes of society, and swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings with no juries and no sworn in testimony before judges the psychiatrists work with daily to legalize this tyranny and disgrace the targets of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" in the eyes of the public even when they are not guilty of any crimes!


"Quality of life and life itself are hit hard by the American psychiatrists" In order to fulfill their obvious dreams of chronic mental illness for any man, woman or child unfortunate enough to be their patients the American psychiatrists hit their quality of life. The life expectancy of victims of the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" is generally shortened due to this. Social, academic, career, personal and financial spheres of the targets of psychiatric tyranny are encroached upon by the psychiatrists. Sadly the US Department of Justice generally helps to enforce the painful shutting down of the lives of people who have made the mistake of seeing psychiatrists of their own free will or who have been forced to see psychiatrists via court orders in kangaroo civil court proceedings!


"The US Department of Justice tortures targets of psychiatrists to make the psychiatrists come out appearing to be right" Instead of opening up criminal investigations and moving for the prosecutions of the diabolically insane psychiatrists the US Department of Justice people generally work aggressively to make it appear as if the psychiatrists and government were somehow right to move into the lives of their victims. The US Attorney General's office, FBI, judiciary and police only begrudgingly prosecute psychiatrists such as when they get caught red handed in the act of rape or murder. Otherwise the US Department of Justice shares the ethics, attitudes and behaviors of terrorists by conveying strong support for the tyrannical quackery of psychiatry and via assisting the psychiatrists to tragically mess up the well being of their victims. This is accomplished via the use of satellite drone electronic warfare to stalk and badger victims of psychiatry along with dissemination of damaging information to schools, employers, and others in society based on the filthy lies and bigotries of the psychiatrists, enforced use of the toxic psychiatric drugs which patients are initially conned into taking, kidnapping and railroading to the mental hospital concentration camps, police beatings and false arrests with falsified reports to justify this, and cruel and deadly blacklists. This all ultimately leads to terribly distraught states of being for the targets of American psychiatric intervention which appears to the public to justify intervention into their lives by the psychiatrists and government! 


"Criminally insane US feds, cops and psychiatrists set up innocent people for mental health cases and than insist it's the rule of law to brutally torture them with psychiatry" US feds, cops and psychiatrists invest an enormous amount of time and money manufacturing distressed states of being in innocent people which mimic mental illness. Satellite drone electronic warfare is a primary weapon used to manipulate the emotions, thoughts and actions of targets of this tyranny to create unusual states of being. Organized public bullying campaigns, dissemination of filthy lies leading to character assassination, stigmatization with false labels of mental illness, deadly academic and career blacklists, the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs, police badgering, beatings and false arrests, and kidnappings to mental hospital concentration camps are all used to destroy the innocent victims of such perverted interpretations of the rule of law!  


"The American psychiatrists, feds, psychiatrists and their judges take away what people need for mental health" On a daily basis men, women and children in the USA who have had the sad misfortune of seeing a psychiatrist find they are losing more and more things in their lives which nurture mental health. With help from the US feds, cops and their personal judges academic and career opportunities and relationships are broken apart for their victims by the psychiatrists with the enforcement of damaging unscientific stigmatization. These Psychiatric Abuse Cliques enforce deadly blacklists against their victims while organizing public ridicule campaigns and social isolation. Satellite drone electronic stalking and badgering are used by the US Department of Justice to help enforce these abuses. The poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, police harassment and false arrests with no charges and no crimes committed, and railroading into the mental hospital concentration camp system are the mainstays of psychiatric intervention which help to take away what people need to be mentally healthy in order to fuel the powerful and lucrative American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death!  


"The American public is targeted for well funded propaganda by the trash American psychiatrists!" Men, women and children across the USA are often conned into seeing psychiatrists with well funded propaganda painting a picture of psychiatrists as being humane physicians who are interested in their mental health, productivity and happiness. This is not at all true. Actually the psychiatrists are diabolically insane sadists who thrive off of the intense pain and suffering which they nurture and inflict their victims with. When people who have been lured into seeing psychiatrists based on filthy lies about what psychiatrists actually do to patients begin to raise questions about the destructive and painful nature of psychiatric intervention they are generally forced to see the psychiatrists. The patients are kidnapped to mental hospital concentration camps, beaten and drugged in preparation for their day in court at swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings wherein sadistic, unethical and incompetent judges who work closely with the psychiatrists give court orders for psychiatric intervention. This is done in order to undermine the impact of the criticisms of the psychiatrists while keeping the patients from gaining their freedom from the cruel psychiatric system so the psychiatrists can continue to make large profits off of them!     


"The Criminal Psychiatric Abuse Cliques in the USA are proud of not caring about human lives!" The American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques, which consist of the US feds, cops and psychiatrists, have been proving as usual they are criminally insane psychopaths as they have been overheard laughing about how they do not have to care about the lives of the innocent men, women and children whom they literally enslave, torture and murder. These monsters have been using satellite drone electronic warfare to buzz the brains of the targets of their brutal tyranny around the clock to create pained states of existence which mimic mental illness. This also seems to often spark off violence and suicides with the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs to make things even worse. The quality of lives of the victims of American Psychiatric Genocide Campaigns are further deteriorated with intentional stigmatization along with associated social isolation. This all generally leads in the direction of academic and career bullying and blacklists of highly qualified and capable people with resulting painful financial consequences. Severely compromised lifestyles and premature deaths are often the end results of all of this abuse as organized by the American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques which have their personal judges to legalize their filthy tyranny!


"There is infectious psychopathy among the mental health care abusers!" The American psychiatrists, feds, cops and others who work with them to implement psychiatric tyranny are filthy criminals who sadistically destroy the lives of their victims daily. This is all consistently done in order to keep their victims from moving ahead with their careers and personal interests in order to help in the cruel manufacturing of states of being which mimic mental illness instead of mental health. There are generally no rational explanations for the consistent ignorant barbarism directed towards victims of psychiatry over a lifetime therefore leaving the tragic consideration of infectious psychopathy among the mental health abusers themselves. On a daily basis more lives of well educated and innocent men, women and children are destroyed and wasted by these terrorists with the American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death than by all of the heavily armed enemies of the USA. This is pathetic with the criminals responsible for this being paid well for their tyranny as their victims suffer and struggle to survive on the fringes of society!  





These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!