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                  Mental Health Human Rights Abuses Terror Alerts 





"Human sacrifices are made to the American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death" Innocent men, women and children are literally sacrificed to the brutal psychiatric system across the USA daily. Although the US government and psychiatrists along with other vital interests across the country insist the USA is in the forefront of development and humanitarian initiatives, the psychiatric system represents an archaic and ignorant side of the nation which is responsible for repulsive human rights abuses around the clock. Once an innocent man, woman or child is conned into or forced into seeing one of the diabolically insane psychiatrists even once the feds, cops and psychiatrists themselves have them stalked and badgered with satellite drone electronic warfare for the remainder of their lives. This is all associated with intentional stigmatization and deadly blacklists. It takes well established and wealthy personal connections or presence in the entertainment industry, which has consistently taken a hard stand against the practices of psychiatrists, to beat being driven down into or kept in painful poverty by the psychiatric system. Essentially men, women and children across the USA are simply sacrificed to the abusive and greedy psychiatric system. Similar serious problems exist in dealing with psychiatry worldwide! 


"Iron curtains of oppression are created by psychiatry in the USA" In a show of brutality of shocking proportions criminally insane US feds, cops & psychiatrists have been creating literal iron curtains of electronic and psychopharmacological strait jackets around the innocent targets of their joint brutality. Painful electronic warfare is coming from satellite drones and being projected into the brains of the targets of this abuse. And the toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs are used to harm the brains and other vital organs of people, not to nurture healthy brains and bodies. Young children and teens with their brains and bodies at very sensitive points in their development are among the targets of this tragically ignorant tyranny. The barbarians responsible for this brutality refuse to let up on their victims for even a moment as we see the world turned upside down with such chronic psychopaths holding power over decent human beings as they terrorize them 24/7!


"Opportunities to get ahead in life are intentionally undermined by American psychiatrists!" The American psychiatrists consistently claim they stand on a morale and ethical high ground worldwide in dealing with sensitive issues associated with mental health care and that unlike other psychiatrists worldwide they are really trying to help nurture mental health and productivity for their patients. This couldn't be any further from the truth. As a matter of fact the American psychiatrists with support from their personal judges and the US feds and cops have been consistently unusually successful in destroying the careers, general health and mental health of men, women and children who have been unfortunate enough to have been their patients. These leeches of society actually use everything in their destructive arsenal, including intentional stigmatization and their poisonous arsenal of drugs, to manufacture mental illness and wasted, unproductive dependent lives for their victims. Clearly the primary goal of the criminally insane American psychiatrists is to fuel the powerful "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death"! 


"The US government has been hijacking minds with electronic warfare to help manufacture mental illness" The US feds and cops and psychiatrists are terrorists who have been working together to literally manufacture mental illness. Perfectly sane and innocent mental health care human rights activists are a primary target of this tyranny. However, other men, women and children are also often arbitrarily targeted to be sacrificed to the "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death." A favored method of madness of the US government to help in the manufacturing of mental illness has been the use of high intensity satellite drone electromagnetic warfare to literally hijack the minds of people. Via the use of this technology without knowing what hit them human beings are turned into robot like entities and made to think, feel, do and say things which are unusual to make them out to appear to be mentally ill. This pathetic dehumanization of the human condition is being done by monsters whom insist they are the only valid representation of civilization and normalcy in the world. These tyrants have their own personal criminally insane psychiatric court judges across the USA which help them legalize and enforce this filthy barbarism!


"Psychiatry is a favored method of creating zombies out of dissidents by the US government" It is absolutely absurd to believe that psychiatry has anything at all to do with mental health care. It is a highly destructive discipline which tears apart the brains, bodies and lives of men, women and children. The well funded propaganda machine of the American Psychiatric Association has the public often believing psychiatry has some affirmative value for people. Actually psychiatry is so effective at destroying human beings the US government's intelligence agencies work with the police and psychiatrists to wipe out the existence of dissidents whom it is feared threaten the status quo. By creating walking dead zombies out of the targets of psychiatric intervention with the poisonous arsenal of psychiatric drugs, beatings, malnourished states due to blacklists and resulting serious financial troubles, intentional stigmatization with resulting social isolation and other abuses the existence of dissidents is essentially wiped out. This is the same intervention also used for other innocent targets of psychiatric intervention which feeds the powerful and lucrative "American Psychiatric Industry of Torture and Death!" Psychiatry is just as painfully destructive worldwide.  


"The depths of criminality, brutality and corruption in the American psychiatric system warrant investigations by the United Nations and the International Court of Justice at the Hague!" On a daily basis the pure arrogance of the American Psychiatric Abuse Cliques heightens. US feds and cops have been overheard bragging about how they have had innocent victims of the criminally insane American psychiatrists literally tortured across the USA and even overseas if they flee the country to try to find a better life. This torture of innocent victims of the tyrannical quackery of the American psychiatrists involves intense satellite drone electronic warfare, dissemination of filthy lies among the public, organized public ridicule campaigns, police beatings and false arrests, and deadly blacklists. The depths of corruption and arrogance involved runs so deep every branch of the federal government and state governments across the USA endorse these abuses. The American judiciary too has been corrupted by psychiatry with swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceedings used to help enforce this tyranny. With those in control of the USA nevertheless as usual adhering to the tragically delusional position that the USA stands on a morale high ground internationally in dealing with human rights with denials mental health care human rights abuses are commonplace in the country, criminal investigations of the US government and American psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses along with their allies inside and outside of the medical community by the United Nations and the International Court of Justice at the Hague are warranted!




These alerts are simply opinions keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists whose interventions are consistently highly destructive!