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                    General Health News


"Beware of bug spray accumulating in the home"

During warmer seasons bugs getting into the home can be a big problem. Using bug sprays to get rid of these bugs can lead to health problems due to accumulation of the pesticide in the home.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"A mosquito infected with Chikungunya viral disease has shown up in Brazil"

There were many cases of Chikungunya viral disease reported in Brazil in 2015 but until now the virus was not detected in any mosquitoes in the country.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"NSAIDs may benefit colorectal cancer"

Researchers say that survival of sufferers of colorectal cancer is improved with the use of NSAIDs. Colorectal cancer presents serious challenges for effective treatment. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center reports that survival for certain patients suffering from colorectal cancer is improved with NSAIDs.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Deaths from liver cancer are surging"

Liver cancer has emerged as a growing problem across the USA.  It has been reported by the American Cancer Society that liver cancer has become the fastest growing cause of deaths from cancer in the United States. Death rates for this cancer have doubled in the USA ever since the mid 1980s.>>>Read More>>


"Mars astronauts will be at increased risk for cancer"

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas reports there will be an increased risk for cancer in Mars astronauts due to collateral damage from cosmic rays.  Researchers at UNLV have predicted a dramatic increase in cancer for these astronauts. There is heavy damage to cells from cosmic rays such as iron and titanium atoms because they have high rates of ionization.>>>Read More>>>