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                    General Health News


"Increased veteran suicide risk is associated with drug and alcohol problems"  

The University of Michigan has reported there is an association between drug and alcohol problems and an increase in the risk for suicide in veterans..>>>Read More>>>


"Head injuries in sports players can cause tragic consequences years later"

There has been a great deal of controversy about the ethics of risky sports participation, particularly for children.>>>Read More>>> 


"A toxic boss can ruin you"
Toxic bosses can ruin your health and everything you have worked hard to achieve.>>>Read More>>>


"The future generation of toys will be controlled by the mind"

The University of Warwick reports the next generation of Christmas presents will be made up of mind-controlled toys.>>>Read More>>>



"There are high levels of neurotoxins linked to Alzheimer’s Disease in shark fins and meat"

Shark fins and meat may sound like an interesting food option but may not turn out to be a very healthy consideration.>>>Read More>>>


"A nasal spray may help treat Alzheimer's"

A treatment approach used for cancer may offer promise for Alzheimer's reports Lancaster University. This treatment could be delivered in the form of a nasal spray.>>>Read More>>>


"There is a substantial burden of psychotropics in elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease "

The University of Eastern Finland reports that greater than 50 percent of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who are aged 90 years or more use psychotropic drugs.>>>Read More>>> 


"Kids with food allergies are at higher risk of asthma and rhinitis"

Kids who suffer from food allergies have an increased risk of getting asthma and allergic rhinitis reports Children's Hospital of Philadelphia via EurekAlert.>>>Read More>>>


"Many babies are injured in strollers and carriers"

There are an enormous number of babies injured daily in strollers and carriers.>>>Read More>>>


"Kids who eat government sponsored meals are at a higher risk of being overweight"

The government sponsored school meal programs are expected to be in the best interest of the health and welfare of kids whose families can't afford to buy them healthy food for breakfast and lunch.>>>Read More>>>