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Kelly Patricia O’Meara has reported on a new book, The Sedated Society: The Causes and Harms of our Psychiatric Prescribing Epidemic, adds to an expanding library of information which exposes the known serious harms, including brain damage, which are associated with prescribed psychiatric drug so called “treatments.”>>>CCHR International>>>
Mad in America reports on 14 lies psychiatry professors teach students and physicians.>>>Mad in America>>>
CCHR is conducting an investigation into the use of ECT in the U.S. which it says should be banned.>>>iReach>>>
Universal Health Services (UHS) has been approved to expand its behavioral health business in the United Kingdom multiple U.S. Federal and state investigations dealing with potential billing fraud or patient abuse.>>>CCHR International>>>
"The Whistleblower Attorneys reports UHS has been accused of fraud, waste, and abuse in mental healthcare facilities"
Peter Gøtzsche, MD has reported that even though the drug industry and our drug regulators along with the leading psychiatrists have done all they could to obscure the facts,  it can not be doubted that antidepressants are clearly dangerous and can cause suicide and homicide in a person at any age.>>>Mad in America>>>

"VA hospitals have lousy inpatient psychiatric care"

Mad in America reports VA hospitals perform horrible on inpatient psychiatric care.>>>Mad in America>>>

 Many people's lives have been completely ruined by antidepressants.>>>BBC>>>
CCHR reports according to IMS Health, greater than 1 million 0-5 year olds are being prescribed psychiatric drugs.>>>CCHR International>>>>
The Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition reports suicide is now the 3rd leading cause of death for teenagers in Florida and a Journal of the American Medical Association study has reported that teens who were put on psychiatric drugs started having suicidal thoughts or making suicide attempts.>>>Scientology Newsroom>>>
A study which has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has suggested that the methods which are used in fMRI research can create the illusion of brain activity where there is actually none about 70% of the time.>>>Mad in America>>>
Sociologist Owen Whooley has investigated how the DSM-5 creators have failed in their attempt to create a valid diagnostic system.>>>Mad in America>>>

Psychiatrists frequently cause harm, permanent disabilities, and actual death of the body, mind and spirit. Psychiatry is a trash discipline of sadistic legalized criminal abuse which should be abolished.>>>CCHR International>>>


Methylphenidate (Ritalin) has been discovered to have a distinct effect on kids that may lead to lasting neurological changes.>>>Mad in America>>>
A mental health nurse has been accused of raping three women while he was working inside a Scottish prison.>>>STV News>>>
The Citizens commission on Human Rights wants a planned new  for profit psychiatric facility in Pennsylvania blocked and points tocriminal investigations over Medicare and Medicaid billing of other Universal Health Services facilities.>>>CCHR International>>> 
An investigation by Digital First Media into the prescribing habits of California's foster care doctors has revealed how these doctors have been fueling the rampant medicating the most vulnerable kids in the state.>>>The Press Enterprise>>>