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                                                  Human Rights News
"Dr Michael Cornwall says psychiatrists bring harm to patients out of stupidity" 
There has been a growing awareness of how tragically flawed the psychiatric paradigm is for dealing with mental health care. Dr Michael Cornwall, who is a Jungian/Laingian psychotherapist, says psychiatrists are harming their patients out of stupidity. >>>Read More On EvoNews>>>

"The United Nations says psychiatry undermines the right of people to be healthy"

United Nations Rapporteurs have criticized psychiatry for the excessive medicalization of mental health issues which is said to undermine the right of people to be healthy. CCHR International has published a report by Kelly Patricia O’Meara which deals with how United Nations Special Rapporteur, Dr. Dainius Puras, has set a milestone by addressing the very serious problem of the excessive “medicalization” of mental health issues.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"Dalai Lama says inner peace can help achieve world peace"

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has a formula for world peace in our war torn world which encompasses reaching for inner peace.>>>Read More On EvoNews>>>


"The CCHR is campaigning to ban Electroshock on children"
Although it is promoted as “treatment,” the fact is Electroshock (ECT) has been documented by the US FDA to cause permanent memory loss, cardiovascular complications, brain damage and even death.  Now, the psychiatrists want to actually increase its use on children.>>>Read More On CCHR International>>>
Peter Gøtzsche, MD has reported that even though the drug industry and our drug regulators along with the leading psychiatrists have done all they could to obscure the facts,  it can not be doubted that antidepressants are clearly dangerous and can cause suicide and homicide in a person at any age.>>>Read More On Mad in America>>>