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"Eating hot peppers could be a key to a longer life"

Researchers have found an association between eating hot peppers and lower mortality.



 "Fortified fish sauce offers good nutrition for mothers and children"

Researchers have found fish sauce provides mothers and young children in Cambodia with better nutrition.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Teens who volunteer are at a lower risk of becoming criminals"

Researchers say teens who do more volunteer work exhibit less criminal activity as adults.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Peanut allergy in infants can be prevented naturally"

Clinical guidelines have been established aimed at preventing peanut allergy in infants. >>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Friendship Bench workers help effectively treat mental illness"

In a study in Zimbabwe “Friendship Bench” workers were able to effectively help alleviate symptoms of mental illness.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"There are ways to help your child sleep well"

Sleeping well at night is essential to the healthy development of children and there are ways you can help your child sleep well at night.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"The brains of babies are boosted with stimulation"

Researchers have observed babies who are exposed to stimulation get a brain boost.



"There are dietary benefits to drinking more water"

Researchers say there are many dietary benefits associated with drinking more water.



"Omega-3 is a good natural remedy for childhood asthma prevention"

 Researchers say that childhood asthma can be prevented with omega-3 supplements. >>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Kids have less asthma attacks with indoor smoking bans"bans

Researchers have found that there are less visits to the emergency room by kids for asthma after bans on indoor smoking.>>>EMaxHealth>>>