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Saturday Sept. 24, 2016 

Updated 2:00 pm est


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Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Alert


CCHR reports psychiatric disorders are not medical diseases! The Citizens Commission on Human Rights reports there are not any lab tests, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests which can verify any mental disorder as being a physical condition. This is not meant to imply that people do not get depressed, or that people can’t experience emotional or mental duress, however psychiatry has repackaged these emotions and behaviors as being “disease” in order to sell drugs. This is a very brilliant marketing campaign, however it is not science. Breaking Natural Health News 


"Fish oil and exercise: natural remedies for poor mood in vets"
Researchers say high levels of depressed mood in soldiers returning from combat may
be due to low levels of fish oil and lack of physical activity


"Peanut and egg: natural remedies for baby food allergy"
Scientists from Imperial College London say that feeding babies peanut and egg may prevent food allergy.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Men with low sex drive should try light therapy"
Testosterone levels in men are increased with exposure to bright light which leads to improved sexual
satisfaction in men with low sexual desire



by Harold Mandel