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Friday Oct 21, 2016 

Updated 6:30 am est


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Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


American psychiatrists are sociopaths who torture and murder entire families by intentionally ruining careers with support from the terrorist US government! The American psychiatrists are diabolically insane sadists who profit greatly from intentionally ruining the careers of people who are unfortunate enough to have seen them as patients. These professional charlatans claim they are working to help people with their mental health and life interests when in fact they never actually make any genuine gestures to help patients with anything. By sabotaging careers of people who have seen them the psychiatrists rarely lose their cases of mental illness directed against their victims due to the creation and enforcement of life threatening poverty aimed at making these poor souls dependent on the welfare and psychiatric systems. Entire families, including children, are painfully tortured and slowly murdered by the American psychiatrists in such manners. Due to the perverted legalization of the destructive discipline of psychiatry the US government endorses the destructive interventions of psychiatrists and implements terrorist activities against victims of psychiatry daily in order to enforce this tyranny. Most of the victims of psychiatry are intelligent, well educated and emotionally warm people who could have done great in every realm of their lives if not for intervention into their affairs by the trash American psychiatrists and terrorist US government.


This alert is simply an opinion keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists! Breaking Natural Health News


"Crab and shrimp shells have healing potential"

Research has found combining a sugar which is obtained from crab and shrimp shells with several nanomaterials could lead to the development of biomedical applications which may help with healing.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"More steps and less sedentary time helps optimize your health"

Researchers say walking faster and sitting less helps you to optimize your health.>>>EMaxHealth>>>





by Harold Mandel