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Saturday Dec. 3, 2016 

Updated 6:00 am est


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Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


Most of the civil psychiatric cases across the USA are done based on pure sadism and for profit! In the majority  of the civil psychiatric cases across the USA there is no criminal misconduct involved and in fact no charges of any such wrongdoing. In these sham cases men, women and children are literally kidnapped from their homes, out of school and work, out of train stations, bus stations and airports, out of restaurants and movie theaters and elsewhere by US federal agents, state agents and cops to mental hospital concentration camps. There are no charges of any kind read to the targets of this tyranny who are knocked out with syringes filled with dangerous psychiatric drugs and who don't know what hit them. They are beaten and drugged further in the mental hospital concentration camps and thrown into isolation in preparation for their swift day in court the next morning. There are no juries and no sworn in testimony at these kangaroo civil court proceedings where the presiding local judges are well paid political appointments who work daily with the psychiatrists and like the psychiatrists themselves do not manifest an expertise in anything aside from tyranny. The lawmakers in all 50 states have made it legal for any two licensed physicians, generally a psychiatrist and another physician who works with psychiatrists, to briefly testify against the targets of these proceedings with demands for forced highly destructive psychiatric intervention. The judges generally give the presiding doctors in these cases at least some of what they request therefore stigmatizing and ruining the targets of these cases for the remainder of their lives. The psychiatrists, courts and lawmakers claim these cases serve the best interests of the society when in fact they are primarily done based on pure sadism and for huge profits for the psychiatrists and everyone else involved. This all represents a total disregard for individual human rights and makes a total farce out of the USA which is clearly not a just and democratic nation with equal opportunities for all people.  


This alert is simply an opinion keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists! Breaking Natural Health News  


"Teens should switch to nonsugary drinks"

Teens are killing themselves by drinking too many sugary soft drinks which is hurting their health.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Mental health can be achieved naturally"

The psychiatric drugs and other psychiatric interventions for mental illness consistently cause more problems than they solve and therefore natural interventions for mental health are preferable




by Harold Mandel