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Monday August 29, 2016 

Updated 9:00 am est


Natural Health Supplement of the Day


 Click the banner Breaking Psychiatric Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


The US feds, cops and psychiatrists seize the opportunities of real disasters in people's lives to try to shatter their existence even more! The US feds, cops and psychiatrists manifest daily that they are criminally insane sadists by working aggressively to create as much pain and misery for nice men, women and children as possible. In fact while insisting the American psychiatric system is around to help in times of disasters these monsters instead consistently seize the opportunities of personal disasters to move in to attempt to finish off their victims. Real sickness in the family, deaths of loved ones, accidents, financial trouble brought on by uncontrollable factors such as a poor economy and inflation, career challenges due to a demanding boss and other factors, academic challenges in school due to stiff testing requirements and other factors, bullying, robberies, sexual assault and even rape are all seized upon by the US feds, cops and psychiatrists as presenting great opportunities for them to humiliate, degrade, badger and abuse their victims in other manners in their attempts to create chronic mental illness and dependence in them instead of striving to nurture mental health and independence.


This alert is generally simply an opinion which is not based on any scientific studies keeping in mind there are no biological markers for the diagnoses of the quack psychiatrists which are therefore also not based on scientific studies! Breaking Natural Health News


"Breast milk may offer babies a good natural remedy for protection from a deadly strep infection"

Imperial College London reports a type of sugar which is found in some women's breast milk may protect babies from a bacterium called Group B streptococcus which can cause a life threatening infection.



"Water is a great natural remedy to help fight obesity"
Virginia Tech researchers say replacing just one sugary soft drink with water could dramatically improve health.>>>EMaxHealth>>>