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Wednesday Jan. 18, 2017

Updated 5:00 am est


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Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert


The US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges are psychotically removed from a realization of the monsters they really are! While all along insisting that the USA is among the most advanced civilized nations in the world the terrorist US feds, cops, psychiatrists and their personal judges with support from all 50 state governments go on daily brutal psychiatric witch hunts of decent law abiding men, women and children. Intentional misdiagnoses of the trendy entities of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, intense electronic torture, organized public ridicule campaigns, police beatings and false arrests, kidnappings to mental hospital concentration camps, drugging with highly toxic poisonous psychiatric drugs, initiatives to throw the targets of this tyranny out of school and work and deadly blacklists are all used to devastate people who could have otherwise  generally done just fine in life if not for these intrusions into their personal affairs by the US government and psychiatrists. All along the US feds, cops and psychiatrists along with their personal judges display a tragically psychotic removal from reality as they insist they represent sanity, intelligence and advanced civilization when in fact they are psychopathic monsters who thirst for the chronic torture and slow and painful murders of the targets of their joint ignorance in the uncivilized archaic system of intolerance and ignorance which they have created.


This alert is simply an opinion keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists! Breaking Natural Health News


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Researchers have found an association between eating hot peppers and lower mortality.



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