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Tuesday April 25, 2017

Updated 5:00 am est    




Daily Mental Health Human Rights Abuse Terror Alert  


The psychiatric abuse clique doesn't even have any respect for the dead! The US feds and cops working with the American psychiatrists have gone a step further in their joint denigration of human decency by encouraging questionable manipulation of funds aimed at leaving mental health care human rights activists at a serious disadvantage when estates are settled after deaths of loved ones. This leaves the very existence of families, including their children, at risk. This is all part of the brutal initiative by the terrorist US government to literally exterminate credible critics of the " American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" with no offspring left behind who might reignite the flames of protest against such ignorant injustices.


This alert is simply an opinion keeping in mind the psychiatrists are dangerous quacks whose myriad of mythical diagnoses are not based on any reliable scientific tests and are actually simply based on the bigoted whims of the psychiatrists! 
 Breaking Natural Health News 


"Sunlight and warm weather may prevent alcoholic cirrhosis"

Researchers say cold weather and fewer hours in the sun are associated with increased rates of alcoholic cirrhosis.>>>EMaxHealth>>>


"Enteritis can be prevented with aggressive natural measures"

Enteritis is a condition wherein there is inflammation of the small intestine. Bacterial or viral infections via ingestion cause this condition and can be prevented with natural interventions.



"UN blasts excessive medicalizing and torture by psychiatrists: Natural alternatives are the best option for mental health care!"

In a significant move highlighting how tragically criminal in nature psychiatry is UN Rapporteurs have hit psychiatry for the excessive medicalization of mental health issues and for torture which is inherent in psychiatric practices.>>>EMaxHealth>>>